Ecological Sustainability

Environmental awareness and efficiency – a strong combination at ALPHA

As one of the world’s leading companies in the industry, ALPHA is aware of the great responsibilities that come with the territory in regards to the future of the world.

An important obligation of ALPHA’s is to create innovative means of allowing future generations to live and grow up in an intact environment.

To live up to this responsibility, ALPHA pursues a resource-conserving policy in all areas:

Weight reduction

By using new technologies and materials, ALPHA is continuously reducing the weight, and with it the material and resources consumed in the manufacturing, of its products. For this purpose, ALPHA works very closely for many years with its customers, suppliers and research institutes. ALPHA places a focus on efficient product design in parallel with selection of the right materials for the right production technology. This results in optimal performance and packaging lifecycle of the product.

Material selection

At ALPHA, complete and long-term sustainability of packaging products is in the forefront. When using renewable and non-fossil “green” plastics, concerns such as the risk of food competition and the recyclability of these materials used are all taken into account. ALPHA experts are actively involved in the appropriate application of each material and the testing of biomaterials that conform to ALPHA’s corporate values.
Environmentally harmful materials such as PVC and other plastics containing plasticisers or heavy metals have not been used by ALPHA for over a decade.


For years ALPHA has used PET and polyolefin post consumer recycled material (PCR) for the production of plastic packaging. ALPHA also works extensively on further developing PCR materials and the processes at its facilities in order to further increase the recyclability of its products. With these efforts, ALPHA already has a recycled PET percentage of 20% in its top 6 PET bottle-producing facilities. To further advance this important process,