Alpha delivers attractive bottles for Cosmetic industry

  • Extensive packaging range : of elegant cosmetic containers which have shelf appeal and are easy to fill. Also includes a selection of makeup containers.
  • Cosmetic packaging design service : with highly acclaimed design of many bespoke bottles that satisfy your cosmetic packaging requirements. We have outsourced design service for customers with solutions like 3D art work to understand the bottle/ packaging before getting developed.
  • Own moulds : that can be used to manufacture containers and bottles.
  • Packaging guarantee : all Alpha cosmetic bottles are manufactured according to Indian and International standards and certification.
  • Reliable delivery : that complies with your scheduled delivery programme. Alpha can hold your bottles in stock and will send regular communication on stock levels.

Choice of hundreds of models

The number of model variations is endless. The fact that a range of hundreds of different bottles for shampoo and shower gel are circulating in India is clear evidence

Two Main Advantages

  • Risk of breakage is minimum : This is a blessing in the production process, and also in the customer’s factory. The consumer also benefits: how often does a bottle accidentally drops during use at home?
  • Less weight : This cuts transport costs and energy consumption, which in turn fits excellently into the aim of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • We offer PET bottles in a variety of sizes and colors with tamper proof closures. PET bottles have been used for packing chemicals, pesticides, agro chemicals and other liquids that are normally reactant to other packing materials.
    We offers wide array of PET Pesticide Bottles in a variety of colors, sizes, specifications, shapes and designs. Few bottle details are mentioned as below


An individual image for each range

At Alpha, customers have come to the right place to develop their own unique product, for example by means of a special form or a unique colour with pearl or matt effects, generating a unique product personality. It could be a jar or bottle showing the Alpha on it or in the base. Consultation on this is possible, even desired.

Alpha operates on the basis of a large standard range of bottles and jars, so that the customer is able to put together a varying range of packaging.

A range of solutions

The packaging range currently runs from small bottles containing 10 ml of liquid to jars with a content of 500 ml (0.5 liters)with neck sizes 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 28mm, 53mm. This broad spectrum has provided Alpha with a rich store of experience in the cosmetics packaging sector.

By way of explanation. Small bottles are often used for example in aromatherapy, while large jars are for industrial hand soap. In addition, many creative solutions are conceivable for shampoo, shower gel, bath salts, hand creams, conditioners, body creams, hand gel, massage oil, scrubs, liquid hand soap and so on. Manufacturers are able to select solutions used in the past, or take on a new challenge in collaboration with the Alpha design team.

In brief

In our view in the cosmetics sector, basic packaging is only complete with the lid and the decoration. Variation in one or more of the components allows for new forms that lend a products its own recognisable character.

Packaging a brand is the final phase in the development. The appearance and content of a cosmetics product then form a balanced whole. Alpha prefers to collaborate during the entire process and in the end shares in the customer’s justified pride.

Shape Wt. OFC Neck size
Oval 23gm 55±3 20mm
Oval 29gm 107±3 20mm
Flat 13.5gm 105±5 20mm
Flat 5gm 35±2 17mm
Flat 9.2gm 69±3 17mm
Flat 18 160±3 24mm
Flat 5gm 35±2 14mm
Flat 5.5gm 29±1.5 17mm
Flat 7.5gm 38±1.5 17mm
Flat 9gm 55±3 19mm
Flat 28gm 272±3 22mm
Flat 11gm 85±2 17mm
Flat 13.5gm 105±5 19mm
Flat 13.5gm 105±5 19mm
Flat 21gm 212±3 24mm
Flat 31gm 519±5 24mm
Round 5.5gm 11±1 14mm
FLAT 5gm 31.5±3 14mm
Round 29gm 29±5 50mm
FLAT 11gm 104±4 17mm
FLAT 29gm 260±5 24mm
OVAL 29gm 237.5±5 24mm
FLAT 32gm 318±7 24mm
Round 28gm 489.5±10 28mm
FLAT 5.2gm 32±1.5 14mm
Round 5.5gm 25±1.5 14mm
FLAT 8.5gm 55.5±3 19mm
Round 9.5gm 64.8±3 19mm
Round 28gm 581±15 28mm
Round 18gm 300±10 28mm
FLAT 28gm 276.4±3 23mm
FLAT 7.5gm 50.5±3 17mm
Round 13.2gm 64±5 22mm
Round 23gm 346±4 19mm
Round 23gm 155±5 19mm
Round 8.7gm 36±5 19mm
FLAT 26.5gm 301±5 22mm
OVAL 33.5gm 408±5 22mm
FLAT 18gm 212±5 22mm
OVAL 21gm 248±5 22mm
OVAL 36gm 485±5 22mm
Round 9.5gm 78±3 19mm
Round 29gm 258.5±3 24mm
Round 5gm 45±1.5 16mm
Round 5gm 85±3 16mm
OVAL 25gm 225±2 22mm
OVAL 38gm 480±7 28mm
FLAT 9gm 58±3 20mm
FLAT 13.5gm 111±3 20mm
OVAL 35gm 555±15 40mm
OVAL 22gm 158±5 24mm
Rectangular 60gm 265±5 28.7mm
Rectangular 60gm 525±5 28.7mm
Round 8.3gm ± 83mm
Oval 9 gm 55±2 ml 20 mm
Flat 13 gm 110±4 ml 20 mm
Flat 12 gm 110±5 ml 19 mm
Round 9.5gm 62±3 20mm
Oval Flat 13gm 110±3 20mm
Oval 13gm 105±5 20mm
Hexagonal 13gm 110±5 24mm
Oval 13gm 130±5 20mm
Round 18.5gm 180±5 24mm
Round 40gm 1030±10 28mm
Oval 13gm 102±3 20mm
Oval 12.5gm 150±5 25mm
Oval 9gm 56±5 20mm
Oval 13gm 93±3 20mm
Oval 21gm 209±3 24mm
Oval 9gm 60±3 20mm
Oval 13gm 110±5 20mm
Oval 21gm 212±3 24mm
Oval 9gm 58±5 20mm
Oval 21gm 224±6 24mm
oval 13gm 105±3 ml 20mm
Oval Flat 16.5 gm 107±4 ml 25mm
Oval Flat 20 gm 215±5 ml 24mm
Oval Flat 9 gm 58±3 ml 20mm
Flat 13 gm 110±4 ml 20mm
Flat 20 gm 158±5 ml 24mm
Rectangular 9gm 55±3 20mm
Round 8.5gm 35.0±3.0 20mm
Oval 8.5gm 38±3.0 20mm
Oval 9gm 58±3.0 20mm
Oval 9gm 58.0±3.0 20mm
FLAT 9.4gm 62±3 24mm
Oval 9gm 58±3 20mm
Round 8.5gm 71±2.0 20mm
Oval 11gm 106±3.0 20mm
Square 20gm 158±3 24mm
Oval 20gm 215±5 24mm
Oval 20gm 200±2 24mm
Oval Flat 20gm 206±5 24mm
OVAL 36gm 520±8 28mm
Oval Flat 24.5gm 224±1.0 24mm
Round 9.7gm 47±5 28mm