ALPLA Identity

Mission & Vision

ALPHA provides solutions for plastic packaging to fulfill market requirements in the best possible way.

Our goal is global market and technology leadership.

Balanced Growth

ALPHA is a family-owned business that seeks balanced profitable growth and a reinforced global presence. By establishing and expanding strategic partnerships, we are evolving into the preferred supplier.

High Performance

We develop innovative and competitive Plastics packaging solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our customers and their markets. To achieve this, we strive for operational excellence, establish standardized processes and technologies and implement integrated supply chain solutions. This is duly supported by a comprehensive continuous improvement process.

Intensive Cooperation

We view qualified and committed staff as a factor to success and aim to nurture long term relations through development opportunities and professional leadership. We believe in a high-performing, flexible organizational and communication structure that fosters well-coordinated interplay between company levels.

Clear Responsibility

Sustainable and environmentally responsible use of all resources is the basis of our entrepreneurial activities.

Customer Focus

We are fast and competent in identifying and addressing customer needs.


We view every single member of staff as part of our success. We maintain fair and respectful mutual relationships; we view different cultures as a source of enrichment and place high value on equal opportunities. We achieve our entrepreneurial goals through effective collaboration within a global network.

Passion for Excellence

We are innovative and promote new solutions and technologies. We place value on taking responsibility and encourage high levels of proactive performance to achieve our goals. We learn and grow through challenges and through our willingness to accept qualified risk.


We are responsibility-conscious and act with the future in mind towards ensuring that coming generations are able to live in a healthy environment. We are a modern family-owned business and base our decisions on criteria of long-term value.